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Bleiberg gif 190x250 Written by David Khara — You might have heard of The Bleiberg Project already – it’s the debut novel, now translated into English by Le French Book, by French writer David Khara. We interviewed the author a couple of weeks ago and he told us about his interesting start as a crime fiction author. Now, as promised, here’s the review…

Jeremy Novacek Corbin is the kind of man we love to despise nowadays. A trader with a Wall Street firm, he plays around with people’s money, and involves himself as little as possible in people’s lives. Following an accident he caused a couple of years ago, he has been numbing his pain and guilt in a fog of alcohol, stock market gambling and meaningless flings. One morning, however, Jeremy’s life acquires a new sense of purpose, as he is told of his estranged father’s death.

His father had been working undercover for the CIA and had hidden some vital information in a Swiss bank vault. Jeremy is the only one who can access it: his curiosity and desire to find out more about his father takes him on a dangerous journey half-way across the world. In doing so, he becomes a target for a shadowy international organisation – the Consortium – which seems to be above any government intervention. He is assigned a diminutive female bodyguard, Jackie, far tougher than she looks. Then, when events threaten to overwhelm them, the mysterious figure of Eytan Morgenstern appears. Is Eytan a mercenary assassin or a Mossad agent with a mission? Jeremy spends much of the book trying to grapple with a complex cast of characters and increasingly fast-paced events which he cannot completely understand.

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Thriller Central




You can’t imagine how often people ask me what is truth and what is fiction in the Consortium Thriller series. My answer is always the same: there is more truth in The Bleiberg Project than you can imagine. Actually, the most fictional thing in the series is the Consortium itself (at least I hope it is). Everything else—and I mean literally everything—comes from actual facts and real events. I just allowed myself some liberties for the sake of the plot. This allowed me to build the other books in the Consortium Thriller series (and especially the second one, The Shiro Project) on nothing but true facts. [Note: All three of the series have been published in France and are very successful. The first, The Bleiberg Project was just released in English by Le French Book.]
For me, disregarding historical truth would have been a betrayal and disrespect towards those who suffered during World War II. My goal was to use entertainment and fiction to tell the truth, or even better, to give readers the desire to learn more about what really happened. 
Let me give an example that will not spoil anything about the book. One chapter is about Rudolf Hess, who was number two in the Nazi party. He was being held at London after crashing his plane in Scotland. When captured, he claimed he was Hitler’s emissary in order to negotiate peace between the British Empire and the Third Reich. I didn’t make this up. These are actual facts, which I then used inside the global Consortium plot. 

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Omnimystery News

Omnimystery News: Author Interview
with David Khara


We are delighted to welcome thriller writer David Khara to Omnimystery News today.

David's first book in the "Consortium Thriller" series, recently translated from his native French into English, is The Bleiberg Project (Le French Book, April 2013 ebook formats).

We recently had a chance to talk to David about his book.


— ♦ —


Omnimystery News: Tell us why you chose to write The Bleiberg Project as the first of a series.


David Khara
Photo provided courtesy of
David Khara


David Khara: My choice to write a crime fiction/thriller series comes from the very core of my motivation to become a writer: to write the books I would love to read. Introducing characters, and then digging into their past, motivations and flaws is what real life is about when it comes to knowing who the people around you really are. In the Consortium thriller series, all the characters are developed throughout the books, sometimes becoming someone you never expected them to be. I also find it very pleasant to leave characters and then meet them again, sometimes even waiting eagerly for their return, or fearing they might die in the next book. To me, this aspect keeps readers and authors close, and I cannot count how many times people ask me questions about what's going to happen to Eytan, Jacky or Jeremy. At some point, they became real, and you can't imagine how much I love that.

OMN: The cover calls the book "A Consortium Thriller". Would you agree that "thriller" is the right description for it?

DK: The Bleiberg Project is often seen as thriller, but to me, the more accurate definition would be historical adventure. My other series, "Dawn's Early Lights" (only available in French for now) is more a crossover between crime and paranormal fiction. I don't like genres anyway. I think they narrow the field too much. Think about it, there's a ghost in Hamlet, and a living statue takes Don Giovanni to hell's flames. How then should we categorize these masterpieces? The way I see it, the genre is nothing but a color the author brings to his story. Still, what is common to all my novels is suspense. The aim is to get the reader to dive into a story and its characters, and to get him to turn the pages without even noticing it. I do not care much for marketing issues. A good story is good, be it in fantasy, science fiction or thriller.

OMN: Did you incorporate any element of your own experience or personality into the book or its characters?

DK: That's a tough one. I do not write books to talk about myself so I can't say how much of me is my characters. All I can say is that my own experiences, hopes, ideals or flaws are spread throughout the characters. I find it interesting to use your experiences, what you've learned, and what you've been through. But it is even more interesting to use other peoples' experiences. I spend a lot of time listening to the people I meet, my friends, or my family. I'm like a stealth vampire, sucking the feelings out of those who approach too close. Lots of my friends have recognized themselves in my books. Believe me, no one is safe.

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Et c'est chouette !!!

barnes and noble 2

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Le Projet Morgenstern

Feu d'artifices

En quelques romans, David S. Khara s'est imposé comme l'une des figures montantes du thriller français. Avec Le Projet Morgenstern, censé clore une trilogie initiée par Le Projet Bleiberg et prolongée par Le Projet Shiro - y aura-t-il comme pour Star Wars une trilogie prequel ? -, il décide de dynamiter encore plus le genre, de le faire exploser et de nous en envoyer des débris encore fumants, rapides et virevoltants dans le coin de la figure.

Eytan Morgenstern, le héros, doit faire face à un complot mondial, qui en cache un autre encore plus nauséabond géré par le Consortium, un groupe ultime qui entend diriger le monde, et ce depuis des siècles. Le leader actuel du consortium a réussi à convaincre des militaires que les amis de Morgenstern devaient être liquidés. On assiste dès lors à la première vague de sauvetage suivie évidemment d'une décision de vengeance. Dans la foulée, Eytan Morgenstern se souvient qu'il a été l'objet d'une expérience nazie, et qu'il pourrait faire sienne - afin de raconter son combat de liberté - la devise des SS : "Mon honneur s'appelle fidélité." En parallèle de ce nettoyage contemporain, David S. Khara nous plonge dans la Pologne en guerre, en 1942, alors qu'un officier SS particulièrement sadique (Les Chasses du comte Zaroff en bien moins drôle) pourchasse le jeune Morgenstern tout juste échappé des griffes de savants nazis qui voulaient le transformer en super-Aryen combattant.

Cliquer ici pour lire la suite

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Un entretien audio bien sympathique

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Mystery Fanfare : News,Events,Books,Thoughts from Janet Rudolph

The Bleiberg Project

Today I welcome David Khara, author of The Bleiberg Project, an amazing conspiracy thriller based on World War II and its consequences in today’s world. This fast-pace novel is the first in the Consortium Thriller series. The book was an instant success in France, catapulting the author to the ranks of France’s top thriller writers. Today marks the launch in English by Le French Book, a digital-first publisher specializing in best-selling mysteries and thrillers from France. 

David Khara:

Bringing a Hero to Life

How do you bring a hero to life? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked that question. And when I answer, most people seem surprised. Imagine for a second a six-foot-six bald giant, survivor of the death camps becomes a war criminal killer. Now, think about that character being inspired by a woman.

 Eytan, the real hero of the Consortium thriller series came to me after reading and watching testimonials of Simone Lagrange, who survived the death camps. For a long time, I chose not to talk about it. I did so out of respect, because I wrote an entertaining series, and I didn’t want to make any profit on people’s misery and pain. But, behind the entertainment, The Bleiberg Project, and the whole series, pays tribute to the victims of World War II, be they members of the resistance, or of course, victims of the Shoah. During my research, I found amazing, incredible stories, lived by ordinary, mostly anonymous heroes. Believe me, after spending three years digging into madness and cruelty, you really need those heroes if you want to keep believing in mankind.

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Mystery Writing is Murder

Mystery writer Elizabeth Spann Craig posts on writing-related topics.

David KharaDavid Khara is the author of The Bleiberg Project, which is an adrenaline-pumping conspiracy thriller based on World War II and the first in the Consortium Thriller series. The book was an instant success in France, catapulting the author to the ranks of the country’s top thriller writers.
I have always had a passion for history. I firmly believe the past enlightens the path to the future. It is all about what mistakes have been made and how to avoid making them again. This way of thinking applies to our lives as individuals, as well as to mankind in general. That’s what learning is about: trying to be a better person living in a better world. Unfortunately, history—and its mistakes—tends to repeat itself, as if we were unable, as a species, to learn. And that is why in my thrillers history always crosses our present lives to expose our inability to improve ourselves.
Before starting my work on the Consortium Thriller series, I thought I had fairly good knowledge of World War II. I really did. It turned out I was wrong. Three books later, here are some key things I have learned about writing historical thrillers.
Research, research, research...

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David Ouest France - bisIl a été journaliste, chef d’entreprise, et joueur de rugby ce qui ne donne pas envie de lui chercher des noises! Il est aujourd’hui écrivain à plein temps. David S. Khara est né en 1969 dans un endroit que la morale réprouve (le Berry). 

David Khara has always been a writer. After studying law, he stepped into journalism working for Agence France Press, and then became creative director for several advertising companies. He loves new technologies and started his own company at the age of twenty-four, becoming an online business pioneer for French industries.

More about David Khara 


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