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Retrouvez Princesse Brunette sur son site :

Il y a des premiers romans qui vous époustouflent et celui-ci en fait partie. Car, dès les premières pages, on est happé par l’intrigue, kidnappé par le suspense, conquis par la plume. “Le Projet Bleiberg” de David S. Khara n’est définitivement pas un premier roman anodin.

Il y a quelques mois, dans ce blog, je vous parlais de son thriller vampirique “Les Vestiges de l’aube” que j’avais bien aimé. Et bien que ce soit clair: ce “Projet Bleiberg” est d’une tout autre envergure. De celle qui font les grands thrillers actuels.

L’histoire commence en gros plan sur Jay Novacek, trader à Manhattan de son état, accessoirement alcoolique et autodestructeur. Cependant, lorsque son père puis sa mère meurent aussi brutalement qu’étrangement, Jay se voit forcer d’émerger de ses vapeurs d’alcool s’il ne veut pas les suivre dans la tombe. Et sa survie semble aller de pair avec celle de l’humanité entière. En effet, comme un évier bouché qui va recracher son contenu nauséabond, une terrible machination venue des tréfonds de l’histoire refait surface. Ainsi, flanqué d’une petite minette de la CIA et d’un géant peu commode du Mossad, Jay va tenter d’arrêter la terrible machination qui a vu le jour pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Si vous aimez les histoires qui parlent de manipulations génétiques, de mutants ou encore tout simplement d’espionnage, ce roman génial est fait pour vous!

J’ai aimé l’humour noir de l’auteur, la personnalité des héros et le rythme effréné de l’intrigue.

A lire de toute urgence. Et si vous crochez, le second volet de cette trilogie, “Le Projet Shiro” est sorti il y a quelques mois!

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Musings of a Writer and Unabashed Francophile, by Alyssa Linn Palmer

The Bleiberg Project

Self-pitying golden boy trader Jay Novacek is having a bad week when he finds himself thrown into a race to save the world from a horrific conspiracy straight out of the darkest hours of history. Could secret human experimentations be carried out worldwide? Can it be stopped? This fast-paced thriller took France by storm when it was first published, reaping superlatives: “Spellbinding,” “exceptional,” “staggering,” captivating,” “brilliant,” “astounding,””fascinating.” Think a dash of Robin Cook,  a splash of John Grisham and a pinch of Clive Cussler with a very distinctive voice all it’s own. The book catapulted its author, David Khara, into the ranks of the country’s top thriller writers.

I’ve been impressed with every translation put out by the digital-first publisher Le French Book. My favourite is still The 7th Woman (by Frédérique Molay), but The Bleiberg Project runs a close second. This is an excellent thriller that everyone should pick up.

From the present day, to the harrowing days of WWII, The Bleiberg Project is a fantastical story that kept me reading. Khara builds suspense by flashing back to events during the war, and giving the reader hints, and he adeptly moves between characters. As a writer myself, I was interested to see how Khara worked in a first-person point of view (Jay Novacek) and third-person point of views (Eytan Morg, et al). The switch from first to third didn’t bother me, and I thought it might. But using Jay as first-person narrator gives the reader an ‘in’ so we can more easily get into the story and caught up in the suspense.

Click here to read the full review

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David Khara



1. Can you tell us a bit about you?  Where you grew up in France, how you became an author?

I’m a 43-year-old man who still believes he is 17. I practiced a lot of sports, from fencing to rugby, until my knees begged me to stop. I’m an avid fan of Dennis Lehane, movies, TV series (Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is an all-time favorite) and old Marvel comic books.

I left law school to become a journalist, and then worked in advertising. I created my own company when I was 23 and ran it until 2009. I got tired of the business world and ended it all just before turning 40. I had written a story, on my spare time, for a friend who had lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. It was crime fiction mixed with supernatural and was set in Manhattan. But the story was not just about crime or supernatural. It was about hope, friendship, and surviving the horror. I wondered what it was worth, but I didn’t any particular ambition to be a writer. I owned shares in a bar and my associate told me lots of writers came there every day. Two of them accepted to read it. They both decided it was worth publishing. One introduced me to his publisher, a small company. That’s how everything started.

For years, I’ve been a “pen for hire.” Now, I can tell my own stories, create my own world, without any boundaries. To me, writing is freedom.

2. Your book is a thriller about Wall Street.  What inspired you to base it in the US? 

I fell in love with Manhattan when I first went there. I was 17, and I remember every single moment of my trip to the Big Apple. I also spent a lot of time in Virginia, and I travel to the States as often as I can. My best friend lives in Los Angeles, and I’ve been to Boston, Washington, San Francisco and many other cities. All my books have at least one chapter set in the United States. I started learning English very soon, and I’m huge fan of Marvel Comics. I own a collection of 4,000 of them from the 1960s to the early 1980s. The American Dream meant something when I was a kid, and still does now.

Let me reveal you one funny thing about Jeremy’s character. At the beginning of the novel, he uses his mother’s name: Novacek. As for his first name, he’s called Jay. Jay Novacek was a Dallas Cowboys’ tight end. I was a fan of the guy, so his name ended up in the book! I never thought he might come to hear about it someday.

3. Our audience is mainly made up of women—could you talk about the appeal your novel can have for women?

Five letters should answer your question: E Y T A N. The main character of the Consortium thriller series seems to be extremely popular among women who have read the book. He seems strong, merciless, almost indestructible, but deep inside he is still a wounded child who has suffered more than you can imagine.

Also, behind the action and study of unknown historical facts, The Bleiberg Project is all about feelings, emotions, and humanity. Creating the characters is what interests me most when writing. I want you to feel as if they were family, and eventually that’s what most readers feel.

And you should definitely keep an eye on Elena, a ruthless killer who becomes more and more important throughout the books.

 Click here to read the full interview

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À l’initiative du Comité des Grands Boulevards, réunissant les commerçants des Grands Boulevards parisiens et de la Ligue de l’imaginaire,collectif d’auteurs (Patrick Bauwen, Maxime Chattam, Olivier Descosse, Eric Giacometti, David S. Khara, Henri Lœvenbruck, Laurent Scalese, Jacques Ravenne, Franck Thilliez, Bernard Werber et Erik Wietzel) dont l’objectif est de promouvoir et défendre les littératures de l’imaginaire, un nouveau prix littéraire voit le jour en 2013 : le Prix du Boulevard de l’imaginaire.  Il sera remis officiellement lors d’une soirée ouverte au public le 28 juin prochain au Grand Rex.


 « Un écrivain n’est rien sans ses lecteurs. Partant de ce principe, les auteurs de la Ligue de l’imaginaire ont demandé à leurs lecteurs de les représenter en tant que jurés à un nouveau prix littéraire : le Prix du Boulevard de l’Imaginaire. Ce jury de lecteurs devra élire, chaque année, l’un des six ouvrages sélectionnés par les auteurs de la ligue. En toute indépendance, ces lecteurs choisiront le lauréat chaque année au mois de juin. Aucun des auteurs de la Ligue ne participe à l’élection; ils se chargent exclusivement de la sélection des ouvrages. Pour ce faire, ils se tournent vers les littératures dites de l’imaginaire, allant du thriller jusqu’au fantastique, en passant par le polar et la science-fiction. Ce prix n’a pas la prétention de rivaliser avec les grands prix littéraires installés, que ce soit dans l’imaginaire ou le roman policier. Il se veut modeste, enthousiaste et convivial. C’est l’occasion pour les membres de la Ligue de remercier leurs lecteurs en leur permettant de participer à un jury, mais aussi de faire bénéficier le lauréat du parrainage d’auteurs ayant déjà navigué sur les eaux, agitées, de l’édition.

L’idée de la création du Prix du boulevard de l’Imaginaire a jailli au détour de rencontres entre les membres de la ligue et le Grand Rex, temple de l’Imaginaire s’il en est. L’idée s’est très naturellement imposée d’associer ce prix littéraire au quartier parisien des Grands Boulevards, en plein renouveau, un lieu chargé d’histoire, symbole de flânerie, d’audace et de création ».

Henri Loevenbruck et Eric Giacometti (président et vice-président de la Ligue de l’imaginaire)

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Click here to read the full interview

The Bleiberg Project
Tell us a little bit about you and how you came to be a writer. 
I’ve always been a “pen for hire”—as a journalist and then an advertising copywriter. One day, ten years ago, I started writing a story for a friend to distract him from his grief. I did it on my spare time, so it took me five years to finish it. I discovered he had sent the chapters to other friends, and it seemed they quite enjoyed it. In 2009, I gave the manuscript to two authors I know with a single question: “What is the difference in quality between what I’ve done and what is published?” They both answered “none.” One of them introduced me to his publisher in France, a very small but passionate company. The book was more successful than expected, and that is how it all started.

Is this your first book or have you written others?
I wrote another book before The Bleiberg Project. French title is Les Vestiges de l’Aube”; in English it would be “Dawn’s early lights,” but it has not yet been translated. Also, I’ve written The Shiro Project and The Morgenstern Project
, two sequels in the Consortium thriller series. They have both been published in France

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Bonjour à tous

je serai à la sympathique librairie Alphabule le samedi 18 mai
de 10 h à 12 h 30.

Vous pourrez venir vous faire dédicacer un de mes ouvrages ou simplement discuter.

À bientôt
David Khara


Le Projet Bleiberg 10 18  Le projet Shiro  Le Projet Morgenstern
 Editions 10/18   Editions 10/18  Editions Critic


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Bonjour à tous

je participerai au Festival Étonnants Voyageurs 2013

le samedi 18 mai : de 14 h 30 à 16 h sur le stand 10/18
de 16 h à 17 h 30 sur le stand Critic

le dimanche 19 mai : de 10 h à 12 h 30 et de 16 h à 17 h 30 sur le stand 10/18

de 14 h à 16 h sur le stand Critic

L'occasion pour moi de vous présenter les différents volets des aventures

d'Eytan Morgenstern

Le Projet Bleiberg 10 18  Le projet Shiro  Le Projet Morgenstern
 Editions 10/18   Editions 10/18  Editions Critic


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Crime Fiction Lover
The site for die hard crime & thriller fans

Bleiberg gif 190x250 Written by David Khara — You might have heard of The Bleiberg Project already – it’s the debut novel, now translated into English by Le French Book, by French writer David Khara. We interviewed the author a couple of weeks ago and he told us about his interesting start as a crime fiction author. Now, as promised, here’s the review…

Jeremy Novacek Corbin is the kind of man we love to despise nowadays. A trader with a Wall Street firm, he plays around with people’s money, and involves himself as little as possible in people’s lives. Following an accident he caused a couple of years ago, he has been numbing his pain and guilt in a fog of alcohol, stock market gambling and meaningless flings. One morning, however, Jeremy’s life acquires a new sense of purpose, as he is told of his estranged father’s death.

His father had been working undercover for the CIA and had hidden some vital information in a Swiss bank vault. Jeremy is the only one who can access it: his curiosity and desire to find out more about his father takes him on a dangerous journey half-way across the world. In doing so, he becomes a target for a shadowy international organisation – the Consortium – which seems to be above any government intervention. He is assigned a diminutive female bodyguard, Jackie, far tougher than she looks. Then, when events threaten to overwhelm them, the mysterious figure of Eytan Morgenstern appears. Is Eytan a mercenary assassin or a Mossad agent with a mission? Jeremy spends much of the book trying to grapple with a complex cast of characters and increasingly fast-paced events which he cannot completely understand.

Click here to read the full review

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David Ouest France - bisIl a été journaliste, chef d’entreprise, et joueur de rugby ce qui ne donne pas envie de lui chercher des noises! Il est aujourd’hui écrivain à plein temps. David S. Khara est né en 1969 dans un endroit que la morale réprouve (le Berry). 

David Khara has always been a writer. After studying law, he stepped into journalism working for Agence France Press, and then became creative director for several advertising companies. He loves new technologies and started his own company at the age of twenty-four, becoming an online business pioneer for French industries.

More about David Khara 


  • Foire du Livre de Brive (19)
    samedi 8 et dimanche 9 novembre 2014
  • Librairie Filigranes - Bruxelles (Belgique)
    jeudi 13 novembre de 18 h à 20 h
  • Librairie La Griffe Noire - Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (94)
    samedi 15 novembre



Le Projet Bleiberg 10 18 Le projet Shiro
Le Projet Bleiberg
Éditions 10/18
 Le Projet Shiro
Éditions 10/18
Le Projet Morgenstern Le Projet shiro
Éditions Critic Éditions Critic
Le Projet Bleiberg les vestiges de l aube
Éditions Critic  Editions Michel Lafon et le Grand Livre du Mois 
Corée du Sud Couv Shiro Corée

Éditions Feelbooks (Corée du Sud) 

Éditions Feelbooks (Corée du Sud)
The Bleiberg Project Bleiberg couv 2
Le French Book (USA) Éditions Libre Expression (Québec)
Shiro couv 2 Morg couv
Éditions Libre Expression (Québec) Éditions Libre Expression (Québec)

Le Projet Bleiberg France Loisirs

     Audiolib  France Loisirs 
Couv Québec loisirs   patient-302-david-s-khara-250pixw 
Québec Loisirs Karakter Uitgevers
Karakter Uitgevers                  



capes0102 ImaJn'ère 2011
  Editions Rivière Blanche   ImaJn'ère 2011


David S. Khara présente le Projet Morgenstern
France 3 Bretagne
le 29 mars 2013
Gérard Collard chronique le Projet Shiro
Partie 1 - novembre 2011
Partie 2 - novembre 2011

Editions10-18 - octobre 2011
K comme Khara : Gérard Collard pour le festival Saint Maur en poche
Gérard Collard chronique
le Projet Bleiberg
M6 - décembre 2011
France 3 Bretagne - décembre 2011
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